Nature At Work

Secluded & Idyllic…Yet Central & Convenient

Sprawling across 37 acres and surrounded by an ecological preserve, the rich biodiversity and picturesque grounds of the Reserve at Salem Lake create a serene, peaceful environment, where we strive to foster creativity, reduce stress, and promote a wholesome sense of well-being for both the body and mind.

The Best of Both Worlds

A Modern Professional Space in Nature

Reinventing The Workspace

The Reserve at Salem Lake is an exercise in contradictions: centrally located in the Chicago suburbs, with a remote, resort-like tranquility. Floor to ceiling windows across the length of the building flood the building with natural light and feature stunning views of the lake, courtyards, and grounds.

Soak up sunlight and breathe in fresh air to boost your mood and energy levels.

Take a break to walk in the beautiful outdoors and revitalize your workday.

Bring the outdoors into your office with stunning views to boost your productivity.

Forest Preserve

Directly adjacent to our 37 acre grounds lies Heron Creek Forest Preserve – 242 acres of nature, trails, picnic areas, and wildlife. Home to over 116 species of birds, including a number of endangered species, the wildlife and woodland environment make a deep impression on our campus, creating an atmosphere that promotes the health and well-being of our community.